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Your world is an ashtray... [entries|friends|calendar]
We burn and coil like cigarettes

I like abig car

Cos I'm a Big star

I make a bigrock and roll hit

I'd like to love youbut my heart is a sore

...I am, I am I am so yours
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[ThursdayJune 2nd //MinuteofDecay// 12:10am]

I dont know if this is allowed...

promoCollapse )
make your victim my head

Just one picture for tonight [ThursdayMay 19th //MinuteofDecay// 2:02am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Rock is DeadCollapse )

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Look [TuesdayMay 10th //MinuteofDecay// 1:07am]

[ mood | pleased ]

My friend in Florida found these somewhere online and bought them for me. I think they are so cute!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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4AM [FridayMay 6th //MinuteofDecay// 4:33am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I have nothing better to do...silly picsCollapse )

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Back by popular demand [FridayMay 6th //MinuteofDecay// 3:23am]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Since I couldn't sleep I thought I would share some more pics ;) Part 2Collapse )
Still not satisfied? Want more?

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Pictures!! [ThursdayMay 5th //MinuteofDecay// 8:43pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

A Shit Load Of PicturesCollapse )
Heheh I hope you enjoyed them. If you wanna see more please let me know! :)

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Twiggy [TuesdayMay 3rd //MinuteofDecay// 10:26am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

what a sexy lad he isCollapse )

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[ThursdayApril 28th //MinuteofDecay// 9:33pm]

Get Your GunnCollapse )


5 basics.
x.Age 15
x.Gender Female
x.Location PA
x.Eye color Brown

5 Manson songs you like
x.Coma White
x.The Nobodies
x.Last Day on Earth
x.Speed of Pain
x.Long Hard Road out of Hell

5 reasons to accept you
x.I like Manson...
x.I still like Manson?
x.I'll be active
x.I have a Siamese cat named Sebastian...
x.I still like Manson

5 Pics
x.don't have
x.any so i'll try
x.to upload
x.some for you

5 Promos
x.this isn't Manson related but you should join anti_newman
1>take your hatred out on me // make your victim my head

Hey [MondayApril 25th //MinuteofDecay// 12:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Everyone should do this and maybe we can get a cd trade going on! :) My List

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picture [FridayApril 22nd //MinuteofDecay// 11:12am]

you know you should use a different picture of me (in the thing where you used the buddypic one)because you can actually see my face. thats bad.
1>take your hatred out on me // make your victim my head

[FridayApril 22nd //MinuteofDecay// 2:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Get Your GunnCollapse )

3>take your hatred out on me // make your victim my head

Hello!! [ThursdayApril 21st //MinuteofDecay// 11:09pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Get Your GunnCollapse )

4>take your hatred out on me // make your victim my head

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